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Litigation financing

Legal Finance finances claims from all areas and fields of law. We are happy to check your claim free of charge and without obligation. Feel free to contact us without any obligation. We look forward to speaking with you soon. You will often receive a financing offer from us within a few days.

We understand your concern. You can initially reach us completely anonymously or via encrypted communication channels. Feel free to write to us under a pseudonym. We have no problem communicating with you anonymously. Get in touch with us!

Litigation financing is the assumption of litigation risk and legal and litigation costs by a litigation financing company such as Legal Finance. As remuneration for the assumption of costs, Legal Finance receives a performance-related commission. In plain language: We finance your case with no ifs or buts, regardless of whether you win or lose. We receive remuneration from any proceeds from the case. If you don't get money, we don't get anything.

Feel free to contact us – also via our secure contact channels.We check your claim without obligation and free of charge and provide you with a financing offer.

Legal Finance does not offer standard rates, but only individual financing. talk to us,we will examine your case and make you an offer if necessary.

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